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Catherine is an amazing flute teacher, she makes lessons really fun, enjoyable and I really feel as though I am making progress. My confidence really increased since attending lessons.

Mathilda5 star rating

Catherine has been teaching my daughter flute for several years now, most recently via Zoom which is working out really well. Catherine is an experienced and patient teacher who makes every effort to engage and inspire my daughter to play regularly and enjoy music. She looks forward to her lessons and is making excellent progress. Thank you Catherine!

 5 star rating

We would highly recommend Catherine Whitehouse to you as flute teacher for your children. Catherine is passionate about music and this is evident in her enthusiastic teaching. Our son has minor learning difficulties and she is exceedingly patient with him, encouraging and motivating him and she gets the very best out of him. Our son looks forward to his weekly music lessons with her which is really positive. We just want our son to do something he enjoys and is proud of and Catherine has definitely helped him make this happen. In the current period of lockdown, she has made the Skype lessons as seamless as possible. Catherine is friendly, polite and has a very professional attitude.

 5 star rating

Catherine has a huge amount of energy and professionalism during her flute lessons. Put simply - she is an excellent teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough. The transition from face to face lessons to online lessons was seamless with the same amount of achievement obtained in both settings. My daughter thinks she is wonderful. I think she is wonderful. And my daughter's improvement in her flute player speaks volumes!

Alex5 star rating

Catherine has been teaching my daughter online for over a year. This has worked really well. Lessons are still very personal & professional. It's also very convenient as there is no travelling involved.

Melanie5 star rating

Catherine has taught my daughter flute and theory for many years. She combines both patience and passion for music and has the unique ability to make lessons creative, fun and relaxed. Wonderful teacher!!essionalism that means lessons are enjoyable as well as instructive. She teaches very successfully online, to ensure lessons have continued.

 5 star rating

I have been having lessons with Catherine for over a year & can honestly say be they face to face or on-line I look forward to my lesson each week. Thank you for making them so productive & enjoyable.

Jo5 star rating

Catherine is an enthusiastic teacher, with a friendly professionalism that means lessons are enjoyable as well as instructive. She teaches very successfully online, to ensure lessons have continued.

Julia5 star rating

Catherine was an excellent teacher for my daughter for many years helping her achieve grade 8 and play for the county wind orchestra. Catherine is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her.

Lucy5 star rating

Catherine's lessons are focused, fun, inspiring and varied. She is flexible and is happy to be student led, often changing the lesson if the student has an idea to run with. Highly recommended.

Karen5 star rating

Thank you so much for coaching me through my grade 6 - it completely paid off.

Claire, adult theory student5 star rating

Catherine was excellent at engaging my daughter in the lesson & bringing out the best in her. The lessons were enjoyable & inspiring, & consequently the outcome in the exam better than we expected.

Holly5 star rating

My lessons were always full of fun and we not only played grade pieces but we played duets together that I really enjoyed. My standard of play has improved a lot and I have reached grade 5 now.

Cornelia5 star rating

Catherine is an excellent teacher; friendly enthusiastic and engaging. She encourages her pupils to do their best and is very practical in her approach to exam preparation.

Kirsty4 star rating

Flute Lessons. Catherine is a devoted and inspirational teacher. Emily really looks forward to her lessons and always returns excited and keen to practice her newly learned skills. Thank you Catherine.

Fiona5 star rating

Thank you for teaching our daughter in such a motivating way. She enjoys her lessons a lot and has learnt so much.

Anke5 star rating

Previously we had little success with flute tutors with our daughter Nadia aged 9. However, Catherine's manner and teaching methods were superb & Nadia has improved dramatically! Highly recommended!

Nikki5 star rating

Catherine is a most understanding, flexible, enthusiastic and caring teacher. Her lessons for Imogen, aged 16 to 18, have been wonderful. She works at the pace and with the preferences of the student.

Jacqueline5 star rating

Catherine is such an inspiring & dynamic teacher.

Susan5 star rating